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Low cost construction

Low Cost Construction

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Save up to 25% cheaper for any type of construction. Regardless of your work, here you will find the best prices per square meter.

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Container Houses

Container House NYC low cost

$249,999.00 $279,999.00


Bungalow NYC low cost

$249,000.00 $269,000.00

Log Homes

Log Home NYC low cost

$224,000.00 $229,999.00

Wooden Cottages

Wooden Cottages NYC low cost

$22,399.00 $25,999.00

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Price ft2 construction

Price sqtf construction houses

Price ft2 construction. How much does it cost to build a house? Are you looking for a builder of a wooden house, container or bungalow and can't find it? 

Container House

$ 1.119 sq.ft

Do you want to build a container house? Get price offers for container houses from the best builders.

Wood House

$ 1.399 sq.ft

Do you want to build a wooden house? Get price offers for wooden houses from the best builders.


$ 1.499 sq.ft

Do you want to build a bungalow house? Get price offers for bungalow houses from the best builders.

Mobile Homes

$ 1.099 sq.ft

Do you want to build a mobile home? Get price offers for mobile homes from the best builders or craftsmen.

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Do you have a construction project? Are you looking for a builder or craftsmen? Here you can find price offers for any type of construction. A national network!

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Located in NYC, our company supports you in all your new construction

Located in NYC, our company supports you in all your new construction, expansion or renovation projects, using exclusively wood frame construction techniques .

Our expertise historically concerned carpentry, roofing and zinc work , but our development has led us to complete our skills and specialize in timber frame construction and the use of ecological insulation materials . Since then, we have been certified passive house designers and offer full support for this construction method.

We operate throughout the NYC and USA regionas well on new construction: wooden frame house, extension and elevation in wood by offering very efficient construction principles combining wood and ecological insulation such as cellulose wadding or wood fiber. We are Passive House Designer certified by the Passive House Institute, which allows us to support you in the design, calculation and realization of your passive house project.

We also carry out your roof renovation projects by offering high-performance insulation either in the attic lost by blowing cellulose wadding, or in the attic inhabited by the technique of sarking by insulating in wood fiber over the frame.

Today we can therefore offer youservices adapted to your project whether you are a self-builder, an individual or an architect around NYC and in the USA. We remain at your disposal to study your projects together.Do not hesitate to contact us !

Low cost houses - Cheap wooden houses
Make Build with Cheap Houses

Deciding to build the house of your dreams is an important step in your life. It’s a big commitment financially and emotionally. However, the construction industry seems very opaque. You never know what you’re going to get, in terms of price or quality, which generates a lot of stress and worry, often with the feeling of being cheated!

Low Cost House has understood this and is committed to a process of total transparency and quality. Find out why and you will understand that you need to go through a “low cost” builder.

1) Guarantees framed by law for a serene construction

The first advantage offered by Low Cost House is the construction contract itself. Indeed, an Individual House Construction Contract is regulated by the law and as soon as you sign it, Low Cost House undertakes to provide you with:

The complete and precise description of your plans and your future home with the precision of materials, equipment and price. Attention, it can be specified for a given equipment “or equivalent”. This is absolutely not a scam but it is due to the fact that it takes time between signing your contract and setting up the equipment and the equipment can change (most of the time for the better) .

The deadline for starting the work and the maximum deadline for handing over the keys;

The terms of payment (schedule depending on the progress of the work);

  • The guarantees attached to your contract and in particular
  • Delivery at agreed price and time,
  • Perfect completion of your home
  • Equipment warranty for 2 years,
  • Ten-year guarantee
  • Work damage insurance (to be taken out by you but compulsory);
2) A Low Cost Builder

The low cost spirit is in no way a low quality construction. On the contrary, it is a reduced unit margin per house (and therefore a reduced price) but larger volumes (more houses delivered) making it possible to amortize the cost of purchases and personnel. How is it possible ? By several things:

Standard house plans made by our architects in order to optimize the construction cost and construction time (by building faster, you are happy and we can deliver more houses). Farewell to complicated or convoluted plans, hello to simplicity and customization (coated color, joinery, etc.).

A large number of houses delivered to lower the cost of purchasing from our suppliers.

Skilled craftsmen and site workers. Working with quality craftsmen and over the long term reduces the hazards of the site and thus reduces the costs of monitoring the work.

3) Exemplary construction monitoring

Low Cost House is at your side from 1 to Z during your construction project. These steps include the prior meeting to define your budget, the search for your land, the filing of the building permit, the construction and then the handing over of the keys. At no time are you on your own.

Quality site monitoring
Low Cost House will introduce you to your works manager before the start of your construction site. You will be able to follow the construction site by his side. Although very busy, he will endeavor to answer your questions throughout the construction.

4) Quality equipment

Building low cost does not mean building with low quality materials or equipment. Quite the contrary. Using proven materials and reliable equipment makes it possible to reduce hazards and after-sales service, which makes it possible to accept reduced construction margins.

We also claim loud and clear the Made in USA label by only using USA companies and systematically favoring products made in USA.

Our houses proudly display major brands such as Jacob Delafon, Placoplatre, Menuiseries Françaises, St Gobain, Legrand, etc.

5) A low-energy house

The current thermal regulations (RT2012) are very strict concerning the energy performance of new houses (limitation of greenhouse gases and better energy performance of new individual houses).

However, this law is very little respected and many houses are delivered without this famous sesame or with makeshift solutions to obtain it quickly (silicone seals galore, etc.). Why that ? Quite simply because this regulation is difficult to obtain and requires working with architects and design offices before each construction. And this is not within the reach of all craftsmen.

Aware of this issue, Low Cost House works with the largest thermal design offices and requires each craftsman to undergo prior training in order to deliver a truly low-energy house. For your comfort and for the planet!

6) Easy financing

Low Cost House’s sales advisors are trained and authorized to deal as financing intermediaries and they can thus advise you on the types of loans and aid you can claim in order to realize your real estate project in the best conditions. possible finances.

PTZ, 1% housing, PEL,… they will help you understand these barbaric terms and obtain the best rates for ideal financing, adapted to your situation and your construction project.

7) Surprising plans and models

Low Cost House offers you a wide range of plans carefully studied in order to offer you the best possible quality/price ratio.

From the traditional and modern house to the ultra-contemporary house with a flat roof, discover a range of models necessarily adapted to your tastes and your region. Above all, customization (tiles, joinery, color of exterior walls, etc.) is possible in order to make your future pavilion unique.

Low cost house - cheap wood house
The garden house specialist offers a large, constantly growing selection of wooden houses and garden houses made of wood. With more than 300 models, from the traditional wooden hut to the garage, we have everything your heart desires and you need as a place to stay or to decorate your garden. Our business, founded in 1985, has become one of the leading suppliers thanks to its excellent service and excellent quality. Whether you need advice on building a garden house or want to buy a unique item at a fair price, we are the right place to go.

Wooden garden houses with flat or pent roof

In pursuit of our passion as wood specialists, we have developed a product catalog that provides the right garden house for everyone. Wooden playhouse, wooden garage, storage room, or even a large log house and gazebo… all our products are guaranteed between 1 and 10 years. Our wooden garden sheds with flat always bring their special unique design and a touch of modernity to your garden. For a more traditional look, reminiscent of mountain huts and particularly suitable for a very natural garden, we offer summerhouses with a gable roof, which, depending on the version, can also have windows or a roof overhang. Our garden houses all have one thing in common; that they combine clear aesthetics and functionality. Our garden sheds for storing and storing material (seeds, wood,)

Garden houses with 44/70 mm wall thickness

Our garden houses with a wall thickness of 44/70 mm are ideal for you if you are looking for modern garden houses. These are built in the classic log construction method and are made of robust, hard-wearing Nordic spruce. The window frames, the roof and the floor are made of solid wood. The natural and untreated wood allows you to paint the garden house according to your own taste.

With these modern garden sheds, we at have again paid attention to the patented wind protection, which is why the garden shed is delivered with storm strips.

Garages and carports: A shelter for your car in your garden
When buying a second car or motorbike, or even with the accumulation of many objects over the years, it often happens that the garage in your house is no longer sufficient. In order to protect your new vehicles from damage caused by storms and/or frost, you should opt for one of our garages or carports, which are a sensible addition to our garden sheds and complete your outdoor area.

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